The Meek

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”     Mathew 5:5 It was late afternoon and the sky blazed with a multi-hued crimson sunset as Tom sheared through the wires of the fence. The wires were quite rusty now, he noticed as he looked down the long fence line. It reminded him of how […]

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One Change – All Change

The day to day process of living is at the heart of our being. Even if we desire to be a greater person, clearer person, better person, or perhaps just different than how we presently find ourselves. The path to desired change begins inside daily life.

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Recognising Change

Before we continue on our journey into change, I thought we should take a moment to recognise what we are aiming to achieve. Change is difficult. Real change is very difficult. In the next few blogs we are going to start to discover what sorts of changes are needed to bring about real change in […]

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